Not your average high.

Edibles with Higher Vision

The Company

Lulu’s Botanicals was created by Lulu Bonner, the founder of Lulu’s Chocolate.  Lulu has been making chocolate for over a decade and has been a cannabis advocate for more than half her lifetime.  Lulu’s Botanicals is crafted with the highest quality, organic ingredients in Oakland, CA.    

We are fully compliant with all regulations and every batch is tested for purity & potency.  We know the importance of broad spectrum, clean, potent, consistent medicine and the value of creating long term, trusting relationships with our customers.  Our passion is to offer you the highest expression of cannabis via gourmet edibles.  

Microdosing Specialists

It’s about living well.  It’s about your health and innate joy.  

Our products were developed to bring you the most full spectrum benefit that cannabis can offer, without creating unwanted side effects or intoxication.  Our specific ratio of cannabinoids and plentiful live cannabis terpenes work together synergistically to create a balanced, elevated experience.  

We know you’ll feel the Lulu’s difference.

A Custom Cannabis Experience.

We worked with a master herbalist to create mood specific formulas to target your needs.  UPLIFT, BALANCE and CHILL contain proprietary blends of healing, adaptogenic herbs that synergize beautifully with cannabis.  We chose our terpene profiles for these formulas based on their qualities, each blend creating a custom entourage effect.  “Entourage effect” refers to the interaction of the many compounds in cannabis, including terpenes & cannabinoids, which work together to create a signature effect. 

Where can I find Lulu's Botanicals chocolate?