World-Class Cannabis Chocolate

Not your average high.

Cannabis Love Bar by Lulu’s Botanicals wins the bronze medal for BEST EDIBLE at the 2017 NorCal Cannabis Cup.

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It all begins with gourmet, coconut sugar sweetened raw chocolate from our sister company, Lulu’s Chocolate. We infuse it with organic, sun grown cannabis & proprietary blends of live cannabis terpenes. The result is a beautifully elevated experience that will nourish your body, mind & soul while delighting your taste buds.

We lab test each batch for purity & potency, proudly sharing the results on our Products page. Higher Vision Cannabis provides us with the highest quality cannabis distillate & terpenes extracted via organic cane alcohol. C02 & butane are never used.

What flavor is your mood? AWAKE, AROUSE & RELAX are crafted with healing herbal formulas created by a master herbalist to specifically synergize with cannabis.

Our products are a celebration of our love for chocolate & cannabis. We’ve been in the chocolate business for over a decade and know the value of quality, consistency & dedication to our customers.

Meet Lulu.

It all began in the jungle of Hawaii when I fell in love…with a cacao tree. The joy I experienced changed my life & it became my mission to share cacao with the world as the pure, whole food that it truly is. Over time, I grew to understand that much of the bliss that comes from eating chocolate is due to its’ high cannabinoid content. That’s right, cacao & cannabis both contain cannabinoids that work together to enhance & prolong each other’s amazing effects. When I learned about the wonderful world of terpenes (cannabis essential oils), I became obsessed with the dance between cannabis & chocolate…with a deep belief in the healing powers of both. I am dedicated to creating the best edibles on the planet for your health & pleasure.

You Deserve Bliss!

xo Lulu


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